Events | Villa Aurora Salon featuring Felicitas Hoppe

Berlin | March 27, 2014

Felicitas Hoppe


"I no longer like your book", Felicitas Hoppe quoted a reviewer with a big smile. The reviewer had just learned that Felicitas had actually taken the container ship journey told in PIGAFETTA. But Felicitas Hoppe is very well aware of some reader’s wistful notion of the artist’s rich inner world. But an inner world, Hoppe replied to the reviewer at the time, always needs an external world. - An outside world the imagination can flourish on.
On the occasion of the first Villa Aurora Salon on March 27 Felicitas Hoppe read some of the wonderful results of her rich imagination. A group of selected guests joined the beautiful “Hoppean” world of "honest invention". Felicitas read, among others, from her Novel PIGAFETTA, from an essay on the places of her writing recently published in SPRACHE IM TECHNISCHEN ZEITALTER and from her Dr. Seuss translation GRÜNES EI MIT SPECK (GREEN EGGS AND HAM), whose German title she explained as follows: "Sam [the main character’s name] rhymes perfectly with ham, but very poorly with Schinken [German for Ham]."
Marianne Heuwagen, journalist and co-founder of Villa Aurora as a residence for artists, hosted this first Villa Aurora Salon with Felicitas Hoppe.

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