Thomas Mann Fellows | 2023

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Alice Hasters | Author

Alice Hasters | Image: Katja Ruge
Alice Hasters | Image: Katja Ruge

Alice Hasters was born 1989 in Cologne, Germany. She studied journalism at Ludwig Maximilian Universität and the Deutsche Journalistenschule in Munich. She worked as a digital format developer and host for institutions such as Tagesschau, RBB and Deutschlandfunk. Hasters is the Co-founder of Podcast „Feuer&Brot“, which she is running independently with Maximiliane Häcke. Today she works as an author, writing and speaking about social justice, race and identity.

Publications (Selection)
2021 | Schwarz wird großgeschrieben, undtoechter
2019 | Was weiße Menschen nicht über Rassismus hören wollen aber wissen sollten, hanserblau

Awards (Selection)
2020 Culture Journalist of the year, medium Magazin

Project description
During her residency at the Thomas Mann Haus, Alice Hasters would like to explore the topic of "dance and racialization," specifically dance as a resistance practice against white supremacist systems. Who dances and how, what we see as culturally and artistically relevant, is strongly influenced by racism. "Black people can dance, white people can't" is an assumption that persists to this day and is particularly strong in multi-ethnic societies. In Western societies, dance seems to be something that is incompatible with power. The rich, the white, the male, the heterosexual, the old - they don't dance - unless they have a stage or are not sober. Alice Hasters wants to find out to what extent dance as a lived or as a non-lived practice shapes black, white and other identities. And whether dance can be an instrument to dismantle and challenge positions of power.