Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2023

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Ines Johnson-Spain | Director and Screenwriter

Ines Johnson-Spain | Image: Privat
Ines Johnson-Spain | Image: Privat

Ines Johnson-Spain, born and raised in the GDR (*1962), studied religious studies at the Free University of Berlin and liberal arts and film history as a guest at the Berlin University of the Arts. She works as a director and screenwriter. She is particularly interested in self-concepts in the field of tension between the individual and society. In the current film BECOMING BLACK she autobiographically dealt with her German/Togolese origin.

Project Description
During her stay, Ines Johnson-Spain would like to work on a film essay that focuses on the nude protests of African women. Nude protests have a long tradition in many parts of the African continent. They signal that a limit has been reached and a new path must be trodden. In sequences of film, archive material, sound collages, and essayistic texts, this form of resistance becomes an allegory, a symbol, and an intervention in the current global crisis of capitalism.

Filmography (Selection)
2019 | Becoming Black director, screenplay - documentary.
2017 | Having and Being, director, screenplay, production - short film
2009 | L'Esprit de Madjid, director, screenplay, cinematography - documentary film
2005 | La Petite Difference director, writer, production - documentary film

Prizes/Awards (Selection)
2021 | Best Documentary Film, African Movie Academy Award
2020 | Nomination German Film Critics Award
2020 | Best Documentary, Luxor African Film Festival
2020 | Nomination Best Documentary, Prix Europa (TV)