Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2022

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Silke Fischer | Ballhaus Fellow

Silke Fischer. Image: Herbert Müller
Silke Fischer. Image: Herbert Müller

Silke Fischer, born in 1961, studied visual communication with a focus on film at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg. After graduating, she co-founded the Hamburg filmmaker collective Abbildungszentrum and edited the video magazine Der Renegat together with Jan Peters and Peter Ott. During this time she realized several documentaries and short feature films (among others "Buy1Get1Free" D1997; "Putzen in Paris" D1998). At the same time, under the label Sisi Voss, she designed commercials and image films together with Stefanie Wirth. In 2001 she designed the production design for the debut film "Bungalow" by Ulrich Köhler. In the following years she worked as a production designer in a team with production designer and filmmaker Volko Kamensky for various cinema and TV films. Since 2011 Silke Fischer has been working exclusively as a production designer - mainly for European co-productions: among others "Lore" D/AUS 2012 director: Cate Shortland; "Toni Erdmann" D/A 2016 director: Maren Ade; "3 Tage in Quiberon" D/A/F 2018 director: Emily Atef; "In my Room" D/I 2018 director: Ulrich Köhler; Plus que Jamais“ F/Lux/D 2022 Regie: Emily Atef.

Silke Fischer's cinema and television films have received numerous awards. For the Netflix series "Unorthodox" (D2020, directed by Maria Schrader), she received the German Television Award 2020 in the category Best Set Design together with costume designer Justine Seymour.

Silke Fischer lives in Hamburg and Zurich, where she has headed the Production Design course at the ZHdK as professor since 2018.

The Ballhaus Fellowship is supported by the Federal Foreign Office