Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2022

Apr, May, Jun

Philipp Krebs | Composer

Philipp Krebs | Image: Nikola Kaloyanov
Philipp Krebs | Image: Nikola Kaloyanov

Philipp Krebs, born in Neustadt an der Weinstraße in 1994, studied composition and philosophy in Stuttgart and Hamburg with Martin Schüttler and Gordon Kampe. His works are characterized by the equally balanced inclusion of performative, installative and electronic elements. Thematically the focus of Philipp Krebs is the examination of (his own) identity and biography in interaction with his critical engagement with contemporary pop culture and politics. Philipp Krebs lives and works in Hamburg.


Works / Performances (Selection)

2020 | surge (for large ensemble & electronics). WP 11.09.2020, Stuttgart (LandesJugendEnsemble Neue Musik Baden-Württemberg)

2019 | fressen (for 13 instruments & electronics).

2019 | Abfertigung, etudes (for electric guitar solo). WP 01.05.2019 SWR2 JetztMusik (Thilo Ruck)

2019 | at close quarters (for piano and 2 performers with tools, MIDI controller & 4-channel electronics) WP 02/09/2019 ECLAT Festival Stuttgart (Neus Estarellas & Philipp Krebs)

2018 | gridlocked (for 4 instruments & 4-channel electronics). WP 04.05.2019 ACHT BRÜCKEN Cologne (Ensemble electronic ID)

2016 | care / less (for alto saxophone, electric guitar, double bass & electronics). 16.10.2016 Donaueschingen Musiktage next generation (Ensemble Helix Luzern)


Awards / Prizes (Selection)

2019 | International ACHTBRÜCKEN composition competition Cologne, 1st prize

2019 | Project grant, Stimme X Freies Musik Theater Hamburg

2018 | Residency grant, Frankfurt LAB

2017 | Annual grant, Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg