Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2019

Apr, May, Jun

Georg Klein | Composer

Georg Klein | Image: Steffi Weismann
Georg Klein | Image: Steffi Weismann

With a background in composition, Georg Klein has developed a multi-faceted artistic style, working with sound, video, text, and photography. In his installations and interventions – in particular those in public spaces – he amplifies the visual, acoustic, situational and political aspects into an area of tension, involving an audience either on an interactive or participatory basis.

With his site-specific installations, as well as his concert works and radio play-like sound walks, he challenges, in an irritating manner, his audience's perception on the border between art and reality. He plays with trans-border, audio-visual communication spaces using techniques such as political fakes leading onto uncertain territory, and provocatively evoking reflection.

In recent years, the artistic debate on societal power relations in politics and the economy has been the focus of his artistic work (GNADE / MERCY 2012, TOPOSONIE::SPREE 2013, UNzuRECHT / UNorJUSTNESS 2014, EUROPEAN BORDER WATCH 2015, DEEP DIFFERENCE UNIT 2016, GRÜN HÖREN / LISTENING GREEN 2017). In the fall of 2017, he toured North Korea at the height of political tensions with the U.S., which serves s the basis of his latest works.

Georg Klein has been the recipient of numerous, international awards and prizes (the most recent being the Dialogue Award of Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany at the European Media Art Festival 2015). Since 2013, he has been a lecturer in General Studies at the University of Arts (UdK) Berlin, has been working as a curator (MuseumsQuartierVienna and he runs the project space Errant Sound in Berlin with a group of artists. Georg Klein also serves as artistic director of the sound art festival DYSTOPIA Berlin-Istanbul.