Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2014

Jul, Aug, Sep

Nora Matocza-Falkner | Writer (together with Gerhard Falkner)

Nora Matocza-Falkner © Peter Raßkopf
Nora Matocza-Falkner © Peter Raßkopf
born in Bavaria

Matocza works in fine arts, graphic arts and set design. She illustrates children’s books and translates American, British, Australian and Canadian literature. Her recent translation of “Only Revolutions“ by Mark Z. Danielewski was published in 2012.

Matocza-Falkner studied painting and sculptur at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and art history and theater studies in Erlangen. Her work was shown in Munich, Nuremberg, Berlin, Amberg and New York, just to name a few. Furthermore she participated in group exhibitions in Cologne, Ratisbon, Würzburg, Barcelona, Sofia and Klatovy.

She received prizes from the Dr. Drexel-Stiftung of the City of Nuremberg, the Oberpfälzer Frauenkunstpreis and a fellowship from the canton of Valais/ Switzerland. She was one of the nominees for the Staatsförderpreis of the city of Munich.

At Villa Aurora she will work on a literature project in cooperation with Gerhard Falkner.