Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2013

Sep, Oct, Nov

Jan-Ole Gerster | Filmmaker

Jan-Ole Gerster / © Philipp Kirsamer
Jan-Ole Gerster / © Philipp Kirsamer
born in Hagen, Germany
2000 – 2001
Internship at X-Filme Creative Pool (various positions for different film productions: HEAVEN, DER KRIEGER UND DIE KAISERIN, HEIDI M, etc.)
2001 – 2002
Personal assistant & postproduction coordinator for Wolfgang Becker during the preparations, shoot, edit & postproduction for GOOD BYE, LENIN!
Started studying directing and script writing at the DFFB (Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin)
2003 – 2009
Various projects and filmwork
OH BOY! (Feature film)

Jan-Ole Gerster was born in Hagen. He studied script writing and directing at the Berlin Film and Television Academy (DFFB). In 2010 Gerster started work on his graduation film ‘Oh Boy!’ with Tom Schilling in the lead role. The movie premiered at the 2012 Munich Filmfestival. ‘Oh Boy!’ garnered international acclaim and won the 2013 German Film Prize in six categories, among them for Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Film.

At Villa Aurora, Gerster will tackle his new project Cool Germania a Rise-and-Fall story of two friends in the Berlin of the 90s and zeros.