Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 1997

Apr, May, Jun

Ulrich Krieger | Composer and Musician

Ulrich Krieger © Imke Lass
Ulrich Krieger © Imke Lass
born in Freiburg

Ulrich Krieger studied saxophone, composition and electronic music at the UdK Berlin and the Manhattan School of Music in New York. He is interested in music that lies somewhere between noise and heavy metal, ambient and silence. Ulrich Krieger developed his own, often electronically amplified, mode of playing the saxophone which he calls “acoustic electronics.” He has written music for: Soldier String Quartet; oh-ton ensemble; Ensemble United Berlin; KontraTrio; zeitkratzer; Ensemble Experimente; Seth Josel; intersax, and Text of Light.

Krieger has gained renown as a saxophonist in contemporary music, composed and improvised, and as a chamber and electronic music composer. He has been living in Southern California since 2007 and is a professor of composition at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles.