Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2002

Jul, Aug, Sep

Andreas Kaiser | Artist

Andreas Kaiser
Andreas Kaiser
born in Fürth
Artist in residence Cité des Arts, Paris
Artist in residence Villa Aurora, L.A.
Kunstpreis Stadt Köln
Teaching at Kunstakademie Münster
since 2008
Professor of Art and Space at FH Mainz
Lives and works in Cologne and Mainz

We know much that we can never examine nor follow through. Some things which are obvious to science are noticed by nobody. Knowledge and experience are increasingly separated from one another. In this situation Art is not the last to wake up to its responsibilities, to bring coherency to meaningful categories and to fix them in poetic images.

Kaiser makes a complex contribution here. Of course we are just so little able to experience the spinning of the planet today as 500 years ago – though it is current media-technology that gives us the possibility to make it perceptible.

Kaiser, an arch-fake Demiurge in miniature, makes the whirling reality of the sphere circling something visible, comprehensible.  He lays out on three levels a considered construction of a series of events. He concentrates the inconceivable speed in the few square metres of the Museum. He involves us in the symbolic act, inasmuch as he leaves it up to us to bring out its movement.  He catches the earth and lifts it out from the distortions of its speed. He confronts us with both the cosmic reality of our whirling world, and the representation of our gravitating empiricism.

Manfred Schneckenburger in: behausung, Bonn 2004