Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2006

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Franz Müller | Filmmaker

Franz Müller © Privat
Franz Müller © Privat
born in Mosbach (Odenwald)

Franz Müller studied pre- and early history, before studying fine art in Duesseldorf with Gerhard Richter and Cybernetics with Oswald Wiener in 1990. In 1999, he completed a post-graduate program at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne with Michael Lentz and Wolfgang Becker. He also worked with the Cologne Film Club 813 and wrote articles for various film magazines and is an editor of the film magazine Revolver.

Franz Müller graduated from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne with his first feature film, the satire Science Fiction (later retitled as: kein Science Fiction) which won him the Babelsberg media award for best graduate film. Müller directed an episode of the German-Moroccan project 24h Marrakech (2010) in collaboration with screenwriter Rainer Knepperges and premiered his subsequent feature Worst Case Scenario at the Filmfest Munich in 2014.