Events | The Origin of Values - Presentation and Discussion

Villa Aurora | August 2, 2023 | 7:30 PM (PDT)

The Origin of Values is the result of explorative journeys which Sabine Scho, a poet-turned-photographer and Villa Aurora alumna, and photographer and biologist Matthias Holtmann have undertaken over the past six years: To the island of Vilm near Rügen, to Iceland, to the Pantanal in Brazil and the national parks of South Africa. In places of undisturbed nature they investigate how it is economized by what mankind considers to be of value: the soil becomes a resource, the wilderness a cultivation area, the animal body an article of exchange.
The prologue of this new work begins in the Pantanal in Brazil, one of the largest contiguous inland wetlands and most species-rich hotspots on earth, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There, the greediness of the human species is leading to unbridled land consumption for the cultivation of sugar cane and soy. Thus, the wetland now faces its disappearance - far from the benefited places of meat and ethanol consumption.

After the reading of Sabine's poem "The Origin of Values" and short presentations. We will hear about local projects and continue the discussion with our guests Bob Ramirez (Kuruvugna Springs) and Lauren Bon (Metabolic Studio).



The Great Vibration

Join Lauren Bon and Metabolic Studio at Villa Aurora for an immersive construction noise listening event--"The Great Vibration," a premiere by Metabolic Sonics. This experience features field recordings captured during construction of the ambitious project, "Bending the River":

At our studio site, beside the iconic LA River in downtown Los Angeles, we are currently driving sixty-foot shoring panels deep into the ground. These panels play a vital role in holding the earth, allowing us to create a "mother well" at Metabolic Studio. Within this well, we will receive the water diverted from the flow of the LA River, before it is lifted into our native wetlands for treatment.

"The Great Vibration” will be a ten-minute listening session, we will share the vibrating of the shoring panels and some visual material, enhancing the overall sensory experience. Please be aware that this event may challenge some listeners, but we believe that pushing boundaries and exploring the realm of sound is an essential part of artistic expression.

Sabine Scho

Sabine Scho is a photographing author based in Rome and Berlin. Her texts oscillate between photography, drawing and image. Her projects live strongly from cooperation. Among them:
"The Origin of Senses" together with Andreas Töpfer (Museum for Natural History Berlin 2015), "House for a Boxer" together with Sebastian Felix Ernst and Golden Diskó Ship"(Hatje Cantz 2021), "Color Sequence" together with Matthias Holtmann (Spreepark Berlin 2022) and the ongoing project "The Origin of Values" (Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House e. V., Berlin 2021).

She taught "Uncertain Formats" at the German Literature Institute Leipzig 2018/19. Scho has been awarded the German Prize for Nature Writing 2018 and Rome Prize winner of the German Academy Villa Massimo of the academic year 2019/2020.


Matthias Holtmann

Matthias Holtmann is a German Biologist, Photographer and School Director. He collaborated with Sabine Scho in several publications, projects and exhibitions such as "Animals in Architecture" (2013), the ongoing "The Origin of Values" as well as "All Birds Vanish" (Villa Massimo Rome 2021) and "Art and About" (Spreepark Berlin 2022).
His photographic work can be found in publications for literary festivals and newspapers such as Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Neue Zürcher Zeitung. After working in Hamburg, São Paulo and Berlin, he currently serves as the principal of the German International School in Rome.


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