Events | Political tendencies in Eastern Europe

Berlin | March 26, 2013 | 8:00 PM

Sviatlana Kurs and Dr. Manfred Sapper will discuss political tendencies in eastern European societies focusing on Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. They take a close look at ideological foundations of a new spirituality, misogyny and the attempt of the restoration of the ‘Soviet human’ in Russia. There will also be a reading in excerpts of two short stories "Registrar" and "The holiday comes back" by Sviatlana Kurs in Belarusian and German language.
Sviatlana Kurs is a Belarusian writer and journalist. Born near Minsk she studied philology and graduated from the Belarusian State University. From 1994 she worked as a journalist at Belarusian State Radio, newspaper “Svaboda”, Radio 101,2, Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Radio Racyja, Transitions Online, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty European Radio for Belarus. She writes about Belarus in its European context and her works are translated into the Polish, Ukrainian, Czech. Sviatlana Kurs will be Villa Aurora Feuchtwanger Fellow in 2013.
Manfred Sapper, born in Kassel studied politics, history and sociology in Frankfurt, Siena and Moscow. He is chief editor of ‚Osteuropa‘, an interdisciplinary monthly journal for the analysis of politics, economics, society, culture, and contemporary events in eastern Europe, east central Europe, and southeastern Europe. A forum for East-West dialogue, Osteuropa addresses pan-European topics.
Location: Literaturhaus Berlin, Fasanenstraße 23, 10719 Berlin

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