Events | FELLOWS & Friends at City Hall Berlin

Berlin | April 8, 2013

„How to find means of financial support for artists“ was the topic of a meeting of FELLOWS & Friends of Villa Aurora. Hella Dunger-Löper, Permanent Secretary, State of Berlin Delegate to the Federation, Commissioner for European Affairs, and Commissioner for Active Citizenship at the Berlin Senate Chancellery opened the event at City Hall (Rotes Rathaus) on April 8, 2013.

After Annette Rupp, executive director of Villa Aurora, introduced the Villa’s history and eplained its activities the 50-plus guests, Dr. Konrad Schmidt-Werthern, Department Head of „Cultural Management“, and Christiane Zieseke presented a general outline of the Federal and Berlin-based funding sources for the arts.

Dr. Konrad Schmidt-Werthern pointed out that the websites and contain a wealth of information on Germany-wide fora for artists.

A variety of funding sources of the Senate Chancellery are listed at

The Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs and Art Center College of Design (ACCD) in Pasadena/Los Angeles award one scholarship per year in the area of fine arts. The fellowship allows the artist to spend 12 months as a graduate student at the prestigious school in Pasadena. More information at:

Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin was mentioned in the context of large-scale projects. Film-funding is available at Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg .

Christiane Zieseke suggested to consult with members of the Senate Chancellery directly.

Eva Castringius and Marcel Bühler, former fellows at Villa Aurora, talked about the valuable impulses they experienced during their sojourn at Villa Aurora. They are determined to build on those during further stays in Los Angeles. They initiated a poll among the so far 264 fellows with the goal of identifying the need for residencies in Los Angeles and formulating common ideas and organizational strategies. The survey showed a major interest among many fellows to return to Los Angeles in the near future. Ideas on how to realize that were gathered, and will be discussed.

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