Governance – Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House e.V.

Board of Directors

Chair | Dr. Markus Klimmer

Dr. Markus Klimmer | Foto: Dirk Bleicker
Dr. Markus Klimmer
Dr. Markus Klimmer

Markus Klimmer is chairman of the board of directors of Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House e.V. and Bauhaus Archive - Museum of Design. From 2000 to 2009, he was partner at McKinsey & Company, where he headed the "Public Sector" division, and until 2017 he was managing director and senior partner of corporate consultancy Accenture. In 2008/09 he was an economic adviser to the German Foreign Minister. Markus Klimmer studied political science, economics and public law at the London School of Economics, the University of California Los Angeles and the University of Hamburg.

Deputy Chairwoman | Marianne Heuwagen

Marianne Heuwagen
Marianne Heuwagen
Marianne Heuwagen

Marianne Heuwagen holds a State Exam in German Language, Literature and History from the University of Bonn, Germany and a MA in Communications from Stanford University in California. She went on to become a successful freelance journalist - working for such prestigious media sources as ARD (The Working Pool of the Broadcasting Corporations of the Federal Republic of Germany), Die Zeit and the Süddeutsche Zeitung. During this time she specialized in topics involving civil right, human rights, and societal development in the US. In 1978 she moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles, where she befriended Marta Feuchtwanger, widow of the German author Lion Feuchtwanger.

In 1986 Marianne Heuwagen returned to Germany to work as Berlin Correspondent for the Süddeutsche Zeitung. After the passing of Marta Feuchtwanger in 1988 the Friends of the Villa Aurora was founded, which established the Feuchtwanger Villa as cultural landmark in memory of the history of German and Jewish emigrants.

After the German Federal Government relocated in 1999 Marianne Heuwagen transferred to the Parliamentary Bureau of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. In 2002 she moved as op-ed editor to the head office of Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich. Three years later she moved to Berlin to establish the German office for Human Rights Watch: From September 2005 to September 2010 she was the Director of the German Bureau of Human Rights Watch.

Marianne Heuwagen is Deputy Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and has been instrumental in the preservation of the Villa and its establishment as an Artist's Residency Program for more than 25 years.

Executive Member of the Board | Heike Catherina Mertens

Heike Catherina Mertens | Photo: Yan Revazov
Heike Catherina Mertens | Photo: Yan Revazov
Heike Catherina Mertens

Heike Catherina Mertens studied art history, philosophy and sociology. After academic work in contemporary art, she worked as a curator for public art from 2000 until 2007. In 2001, she founded stadtkunstprojekte, a Berlin-based association to promote urban public art. From 2007 until February 2018, she was artistic director of the Schering Stiftung and, from 2015 onwards, also executive manager, responsible for the entire program of the foundation at the interface of art and science. In March 2018, she assumed the program direction of Hatje Cantz publisher. Since October 2018, she is executive director of VATMH e.V. Furthermore, she is member of the University Council (Hochschulrat) of the University of the Fine Arts of Hamburg and member of the board of trustees for the KAIROS Prize, awarded by the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S.

Board Member | Dr. Hans-Jörg Clement

Dr. Hans-Jörg Clement
Dr. Hans-Jörg Clement
Dr. Hans-Jörg Clement

Dr. Hans-Jörg Clement (*1961) is head of the Cultural Department of the Konrad-Adenauer foundation as well as curator and managing director of the Else-Heiliger-Fonds EHF 2010 for the support of young artists. Having received a PhD in philology, Clement regularly writes about the development of contemporary art in the German Federal Republic. He is also a member of various committees. Clement curated numerous exhibitions, among others as co-curator in the Bundeskunsthalle and the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle.

Board Member | Dr. Alexandra Gräfin von Stosch

Dr. Alexandra Gräfin von Stosch
Dr. Alexandra Gräfin von Stosch
Dr. Alexandra Gräfin von Stosch

Alexandra von Stosch is program director of Bauhaus Council Berlin, author and curator, who teaches among others at Humboldt University in Berlin, Bauhaus Universität Weimar and the Universität der Künste Berlin. 

Following her studies in art history at the Sorbonne in Paris, she became the artistic director at the agency Art Public Contemporain Paris. In this capacity, she realized public art projects in France and was responsible for the setup of the international collection of contemporary art at the new headquarters of the French bank Société Gènérale (La Défense). As a founding member, curator and chief editor, she ran the International Center for Curatorial Studies ICCARUS (Munich and New York), among others overseeing exhibition and publication projects on Jeff Koons, Ed Ruscha, and Louise Bourgeois.

Alexandra von Stosch earned her doctorate with a study on the hitherto unknown photography of film director Stanley Kubrick and organized an international exhibition tour. In Berlin, she was a founding member of the interdisciplinary non-profit initiative Contemporary Arts Alliance Berlin, then became board member with responsibility  for the CAA Academy. She published a monograph about Anish Kapoor (together with Rainer Crone; Prestel Verlag, 2008) and Ed Ruscha (Walther König, 2009).  Alexandra von Stosch is an active member of the branch Art & Science of the international Center for Human Sciences (HWZ Munich) and participates in interdisciplinary work groups of the Academy of Sciences Berlin-Brandenburg. In addition, she is involved in various arts juries (including CAA and the BDI Kulturkreis).

Since March 2017 she is Head of Art and Culture at the Artprojekt Unternehmensgruppe, carrying out cultural development projects in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Board Member | Dr. Ulrich Köstlin

Dr. Ulrich Köstlin
Dr. Ulrich Köstlin
Dr. Ulrich Köstlin

Dr. Ulrich Köstlin is a private art and music patron and collector of emerging artists. In addition to the Villa Aurora, he is also involved with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Else Heiliger Fonds), the Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy, and Spectrum Concerts in Berlin. He served on executive boards in the pharmaceutical industry for many years and is currently a member of various supervisory boards. He studied law in Germany, Switzerland and the United States.

Board of Trustees, Berlin

Chair: Dr. Andreas Görgen | Head of the Department of Culture and Communication of the Federal Foreign Office

Dr. Horst Claussen | Head of Unit K 24 at the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

Brigitte Diefenbacher | Berthold Leibinger Stiftung

Johannes Ebert | Goethe-Institut e. V.

Christian Gaebler | Berlin Senate Chancellery

Dr. Marion Müller | Einstein Foundation

Sybille Uken

Advisory Board in Los Angeles

Steven D. Lavine | Chairman of the Advisory Board, former president of Calarts

Helmut Anheier | Past president and Professor, Hertie School of Governance, member of the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, and Emeritus, Max-Weber-Institute of Sociology, Heidelberg University

Jose Luis Blondet | LACMA Curator for Special Projects

Craig Calhoun | University Professor of Social Science at Arizona State University, joint appointments in the School of Politics and Global Studies, the School of Public Affairs, the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, the School of Sustainability, and the School of Arts, Media and Engineering

Manuel Castells | University Professor and the Wallis Annenberg Chair of Communications, Technology and Society at the University of Southern California, Director of Research for the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge

Boris Dralyuk | Editor-in-Chief of the Los Angeles Review of Books

Kimberly Emerson | lawyer, civic leader, and human rights advocate, member of the Board of Governors of Bard College in Berlin and member on the Advisory Boards of the United Way in Germany and KCRW in Berlin

Josh Kun | Professor of Communication and Journalism, Director of the School of Communications and Chair of Cross Cultural Communication in the Annenberg School at the University of Southern California, and joint appointment in the Department of American Studies and Ethnicity

Alexandra Lieben | Deputy Director of the Burkle Center for International Relations at the University of California - Los Angeles

Tom Lutz | Professor in the Department of Creative Writing at the University of California-Riverside and Founder of the Los Angeles Review of Books

Robin Meili | Director for International Programs and Senior Analyst at the Rand Corporation

Laure Murat | Professor in the Department of French and Francophone Studies at the University of California - Los Angeles

Dawn Nakagawa | Executive Vice President of the Berggruen Institute and  co-Director of the Future of Democracy program

Alex Ross | music critic and staff writer for the New Yorker

Ananya Roy | Professor of Urban Planning, Social Welfare and Geography and Meyer and Renee Luskin Chair in Inequality and Democracy at the Luskin School of Public Affairs at the University of California - Los Angeles

Derek Shearer | Director of the McKinnon Center for Global Affairs and Chevalier Professor of Diplomacy and World Affairs at Occidental College in Los Angeles

Marcelo Suarez-Orozco | Wasserman Dean and Distinguished Professor of Education at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at the University of California - Los Angeles

Members of the Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House e.V.

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