Thomas Mann Fellows | 2021

Oct, Nov, Dec

Magdalena Kröner | Art Journalist

Magdalena Kröner. Image: private
Magdalena Kröner. Image: private

Magdalena Kröner works as a journalist, essayist and art critic in Düsseldorf. She studied art history, German literature and philosophy (M.A.) at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. She writes for publications such as Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Kunstforum International, Monopol and Die Zeit. A central focus of her work is the investigation into art scenes that develop outside of established western art hubs. So far, she has been conducting extensive research in the United Arab Emirates, the Baltic States, China, South Africa and Southeast Asia.

From 2005-2015 she kept a secondary residence in New York, working as a correspondent for various German media. Since 2016, she focuses increasingly on the development, semantics and ethics of digital technology and culture and their societal consequences. To this end she intensively researched within the U. S. and published widely on the subject.


Publications (Selection)

2020 | Ist es falsch, Robotern zu vertrauen?, Frankfurter Allgemeine Quarterly 01/2020

2019 | Wer braucht echte Influencer, wenn es virtuelle Wesen gibt?, Frankfurter Allgemeine Quarterly 02/2019

2019 | Digital. Virtuell. Posthuman? Neue Körper in der Kunst, Kunstforum International, Band 265, 2019 Editor (full conception, research, authorship)

2016 | Der Lockruf des Geldes, report Art Scene Los Angeles, Weltkunst, 03/2016

2016 | Plötzlich sind die Körper zurück in der jungen Kunst – was steckt dahinter?, Die Zeit, 15. 09. 2016

2015 | Das Selbstbewußtsein wächst weiter: Eine junge Kunstszene etabliert sich in Hongkong, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, 28. 03. 2015

2012 | Frauen an der Schwelle, report on female contemporary photography in the UAE, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, 08. 04. 2012

2011 | Patterns of Seduction. Emerging Bodies from Hypertrophy to Post-Humanity, (English) in: „Future Pass. From Asia to the World", catalog essay for groupshow at 54th. Biennale di Venezia

2008 | New York nach 9-11, Kunstforum International: Band 189, Editor (full conception, research, authorship)

2006 | Die Erfindung der Zukunft. Kunstszene Shanghai, Kunstforum International, Band 183, Editor (full conception, research, authorship)


Lectures (Selection)

2020 | Human Being. Cyborg. Alien - New Modes of constructing Artistic Identity in the Realm of Digitality; Lecture at the symposium „Homo Ex Machina“, Museum Folkwang, Essen, (English)

2019 | Neue Körper in der Kunst: Digital. Virtuell. Posthuman?; Lecture Edith Russ Haus Oldenburg


Project Outline

Magdalena Kröner will explore questions of digital visibility and exclusion at central interfaces of digital technology, art and culture. Central to her investigation are the following aspects: How can positions of artistic, marginalized, and queer identity be activated in an unprejudiced, public dialog to highlight discriminatory and racist tendencies of modern digital technologies? How can the boundaries of art, politics and technology be transcended to stimulate an expanded interdisciplinary discourse? What impulses could be gained from the U. S. for Germany, where the spheres of digital technology and culture still exist clearly separated from one another? In addition to reporting for various media, discussion formats such as workshops, roundtables etc. and a book project on the topic are planned.