Thomas Mann Fellows | 2022


Dipl.-Ing. Friederike Meyer | Architecture Journalist, Editor, Author


Friederike Meyer, born 1972 in Dresden, studied architecture at the RWTH Aachen and as a DAAD scholarship holder at the University of Washington in Seattle. She also trained as a journalist at the Evangelische Medienakademie in Berlin. Today, she works as an architecture journalist in Berlin. She is interested in the intersection of architecture, urban planning and society. From 2000 to 2017 she was editor of the architecture journal Bauwelt; for several years she has been working as an author for exhibitions and books, moderator and juror. She teaches architectural communication in Kaiserslautern. Friederike Meyer has been editor-in-chief of the newsroom of BauNetz since 2017.

Publications (Selection)

2018 | Baunetzwoche #507 „Abgefahren. Wege zur Mobilität' Interviews on mobility concepts with Alejandro Restrepo Montoya, Medellin, Colombia, Sophie Stigliano, München, and Arnold Hirschbühl, Krumbach, 2018
2017 | Interview with Teddy Cruz Baunetz. 2017
2017 | Baunetzwoche# 490 “Mehr Praxis. Was DesignBuild bewirkt"
2016 | Stadtbauwelt 212 “Exil Europa” with Doris Kleilein, Bauverlag
2015 | Stadtbauwelt 208 „Flüchtlingskrise? Wohnungsfrage“ with Doris Kleilein, Bauverlag

Lectures (Selection)

2019 | „Architecture Communication for target groups“, TU Kaiserslautern
2018 | „Fact Research on construction sites", TU Kaiserslautern
2016 | "Towards Arrival City" Metropolitan Solution Berlin
2016 | "Architecture journalism in Crisis" RWTH Aachen

Awards (Selection)

2017 | Nomination for an entry for the Zurich Journalism Prize by the Hochparterre editorial office for "Geflüchtete brauchen Wohnrau,"
1996/97 | DAAD-Grand Architecture studies at University of Washington Seattle

Project Description

Doris Kleilein and Friederike Meyer explore, how a planning structure can look that propose new forms of living together based on changing heterogenous societies—whether in relation to habitation, use of public space or expression of religion. Together, Kleilein and Meyer are planning to research the work of US American architecture firms that work in the field of Public Interest Design and to show their results in an exhibition.