News |Restoring Public Trust: Multi-Platform Program by the Thomas Mann House from April 4 – 7

The Thomas Mann House is hosting a four-day, multi-platform program from April 4 – 7 with innovators from academia, artistic fields and politics to discuss concrete steps for restoring public trust in Germany and the U.S.

Through virtual discussions, video statements, podcasts, articles and streamed conversations from the Thomas Mann House Los Angeles, experts will address how we can strengthen public trust in the areas of international relations, security, elections, diversity, local communities and the broader media landscape. Check out the full program on this website and watch, read and listen to programs at your convenience or sign up for the live events!

Trust in political institutions has been severely shaken in many Western democracies. This is especially true in the United States, where a large portion of the population believes that their democracy is in danger of failing. Even though developments in Germany are less dramatic in comparison, public trust also declined during the Covid pandemic. A majority of citizens who classify themselves as belonging to lower socioeconomic classes are not satisfied at all with the state of democracy in Germany. This crisis of trust is putting Western democracies to the test. This is all the more true in light of the challenges posed by the ongoing Covid pandemic, the rapid spread of anti-democratic content, growing economic inequalities and the outbreak of war in the heart of Europe. Urgent tasks arise that can only be solved by society as a whole and in international alliances.

With sociologists Larry Diamond (Stanford University), James Fishkin (Stanford University) and Craig Calhoun (Arizona State University), author Mithu Sanyal, political scientist and Thomas Mann Fellow Christine Landfried (University of Hamburg), lawyer and criminologist Walter Katz, media scholars Anya Schiffrin (Columbia University) and Robin Stevens (University of Southern California), legal scholar Lawrence Douglas (Amherst), artists Suzanne Lacy and Gregory Sholette, Thomas Mann Fellows archaeologist Sunhild Kleingärtner and journalists Mohamed Amjahid, Aiko Kempen, Olaya Argüeso Pérez and Tom Zoellner (Los Angeles Review of Books), and many others.

Visit the program website for more information & RSVP here.

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