News |Lecture Tour Frido Mann: "Democracy Will Win"

Born in the United States, Frido Mann sensed the democratic creed of his parents and grandparents from childhood on. They had managed to leave Europe for the U.S. before the outbreak of WWII. During his extended lecture tours, Thomas Mann, Frido's grandfather, addressed his American audiences with his speech “The Coming Victory of Democracy” warning of the dangers of fascism for a liberal democracy: “The social renewal of democracy is the presupposition and the guarantee of its victory.

Following in his grandfather's tracks, Frido Mann is going to give lectures in more than a dozen cities in the United States and Canada. He will address the current crises in the American and European democracies and the need for their restoration, on the basis of transatlantic dialogue.

Stops include:
September 20: New York City
September 23 and 24: Brandeis University
September 26: Denver
September 27: Kansas City
October 1: Washington DC
October 4: Portland
October 8: Los Angeles
October 9: Long Beach
October 10: Berkeley
October 12: San Francisco
October 15–25: Dartmouth College
October 29: Toronto

Prof. Mann's lecture tour is made possible through the support of Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung.

A part of "Wunderbar Together: Germany and U.S."


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