Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2009

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Anna Faroqhi | Filmmaker

Anna Faroqhi
Anna Faroqhi
born in Berlin
studied voice at the HdK Berlin
studied mathematics and physics
studied at the Academy for TV and Film, Munich

Anna Faroqhi describes herself as a film essayist, focusing on the most private aspects of daily life, which she first explores through observing and sketching street scenes and the people within her proximity. Her work reflects on the layers that people trace over the histories that are etched into the places they occupy.

Born in Berlin, Faroqhi studied voice, mathematics and physics, before turning to film, which she studied at the Academy for TV and Film,  Munich. Since 2004 she is on the faculty at the Hanns Eisler Academy for Music Berlin where she teaches Dramaturgy and Videography.

Movies (selected): Die Geschichte von Belinda und Zoe (1998), The 4th of July (2002), Warten (2003), Das Haus und die Wüste (2005), Ein gewöhnliches Leben (2006/2007), Alltagsvariationen (2008)