Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2009

Apr, May, Jun

Andreas Lechner | Filmmaker

Andreas Lechner
Andreas Lechner
born in Munich
1978 – 1983
studied music at the Richard-Strauß-Konservatorium, Munich
works as author, director, producer, composer and actor

Andreas Lechner is an author, director, producer, composer and actor. He studied music at the Richard-Strauss-Conservatory in Munich and founded the folk music cabaret group, Guglhupfa, for which he composed lyrics and music. Lechner has worked for Stadt theaters in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Basel as well as for independent theater groups. Hans Werner Henze recommended him for the Munich Biennial, where his work Kroatischer Tanz was premiered.

Presently Lechner is preparing his movie Strassbergers Gold and released the monologue Frieda eine Münchner Sitten- und Lebensgeschichte.

Lechner is also a founding member of the Ersten Bayrischen Filmfoniker (First Bavarian Film Orchestra), for which he plays Double Bass.