Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2009

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David Wagner | Writer

David Wagner | © Amrei-Marie
David Wagner | © Amrei-Marie
born in Andernach
literature and art history
Master’s degree at the Freie Universität Berlin

Writing in the New York Times, Nora Fitzgerald described writer David Wagner as a "Proust inspired stylist." Of his own 2000 novel Meine nachtblaue Hose (My Nightblue Trousers), published by Alexander Fest Verlag, Wagner says it is a satire of "the wealthy West German-Bonn and Cologne as the center of the universe just as the DDR was ending," and its "cozy corruption." Meine nachtblaue Hose was quickly followed by books of collected stories, David Wagner in Berlin (2001) and Was alles fehlt (All that's missing; 2002). His novel Spricht das Kind (Does the child speak) was published by Dorschl, February 2009.