Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2009

Jul, Aug, Sep

Pei-Yu Shi | Composer

Pei-Yu Shi
Pei-Yu Shi
Born in Taipei, Taiwan
Master degree at the Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan
Soloist Exam at the Music University Karlsruhe, Germany
PhD at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Pei-Yu SHI composes for both Western and Chinese instruments as well as for instrumental and technically shaped or produced sounds. She takes inspirations from Chinese poetry and paintings - in a musical world where the sound gently expanding and deepening with breath and/or ever changing pulses. There is a life in her music which is multifaceted, it waxes and wanes naturally and continuously transforms into all forms, painting vivid colors, alternates between active and spacious which spreads or embeds in the space and absorbing itself into silence. In her music, there is no barrier between the East and the West. Her creativity flows naturally, blending different cultures. For her, “World Music” does not seek for the distinctions, but rather reflects an openness and inclusion. This is also her source of the inspiration.