Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2009

Jul, Aug, Sep

Kirsten Reese | Composer

Kirsten Reese | © Kathrin Thomas
Kirsten Reese | © Kathrin Thomas
born in Kiel
Hochschule der Künste Berlin: degrees “Diplom” instrumental education
1992 – 1993
stipend from Studienwerks Villigst to study in New York
1993 – 1996
courses at the electronic music studio, Technical University Berlin
since 1997
composition and sound art

The musical environments of Kirsten Reese that can be found in our ordinary surroundings transport us to extraordinary places by introducing subtle aural distractions from the realities we normally anticipate.

Reese, a composer and sound artist who was raised in Rhineland, Hong Kong and the Philippines, studied flute, electronic music and composition at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin and flute with Robert Dick in New York.

Reese has received numerous awards and commissions, most
recently from Brückenmusik Köln (2008), MIBEM Festival Melbourne (2008), the Berliner Senats (2008). Festival Rümlingen (2007), and Forum Neue Musik Luzerne (2007).