Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2010

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Anna-Maria Hora | Filmmaker (together with Markus F. Adrian)

Anna-Maria Hora
Anna-Maria Hora
born in Poland
finished her studies at the HFF Konrad Wolf Potsdam Babelsberg
since May 2008

Anna Maria Hora was born 1979 in Poland and grew up in Westberlin. Since her 15th birthday she takes pictures. Anna-Maria started her filmwork as Camera Trainee in Roman Polanskis “The Pianist” in 2001. In November 2007 she finished her camera study at the HFF „Konrad Wolf “ Potsdam-Babelsberg successfully with the documentary film “Bat costume” as director and camera woman. Since May 2008 she is a holder of a scholarship by DEFA-foundation with her new documentary film project: “Poles comes rarely alone", which is currently in production by “Beetz Brothers Filmproduction”. In July 2008 the development for her musical film script „Fresh blood for our villages“ was promoted by the MV-film-subsidy.

Markus Adrian and Anna-Maria Hora (“Verflucht,” 2007; “Fledermauskostüm,” 2008) explore how that which appears to be normal to us in our daily lives and personal relationships is only inches away from the surreal, putting new perspective on the emotional landscapes we travel. Their 2008 feature length “Narrenspiel” (A Fool’s Game) is a tightly paced road-trip that draws lines between its protagonists’ motives and insecurities, to result in suspenseful and terrifying drama.