Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2010

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Thomas Lang | Writer

Thomas Lang
Thomas Lang
born at Nümbrecht, Germany
Philosophy and German literature (Magister Artium)
since 1997
free-lance writer of novels and short stories and free-lance journalist in Munich
Ingeborg Bachmann Prize for his second novel Am Seil (On the Rope)

Thomas Lang's fascination with Robert Venturi's architectural phantasms (Learning from Las Vegas) and Mike Davis' dystopian visions (City of Quartz) take him to Los Angeles, where urban life here will guide the destiny of his new novel's characters.  His novel Am Seil  - (On the rope; 2006) received the prestigious Bachmann Prize and is published by Verlag C.H. Beck, with his more recent Unter Paaren (2007); his latest novel, Bodenlos (C.H. Beck), was in bookstores February 2010.