Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2024

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Pan Daijing | Composer and Artist

Pan Daijing | Image: Dzhovani
Pan Daijing | Image: Dzhovani

Pan Daijing, born in Guiyang, China, is an artist and composer who primarily engages with performance, installation, sound, and moving images. Drawing on the capacity of music to exceed the limits of language and distort the passage of time, Daijing’s work seeks to communicate physical, psychological, and sonic depths and to invoke a collective experience of solitude. Often realized as architectural interventions, her work pressurizes the boundaries between forms and between the alive and inanimate to create enveloping sensory environments.

As a composer with a background in avant-garde and noise music, the practice of Pan Daijing has centered around pain, trauma, and our innermost desires and fears through vulnerable and honest compositional approaches. During her residency at Villa Aurora, she aims to continue her work with a particular focus on furthering her research into opera as an art form and a mode of performance, and on accessing extremes of sound, emotion, and voice.  

Selected Discography  
2022 | Tissues (album), PAN
2021 | Jade (album), PAN
2017 | Lack (album), PAN

Selected Exhibitions

2023 | Mute, Haus der Kunst, Munich
2021 | Echo, Moss and Spill, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong 
2019 | Tissues, Tate Modern, London  

Selected Prizes and Awards
2023 | Preis der Nationalgalerie 2024, Berlin
2018/19 | Praxisstipendium, Villa Massimo, Rome