Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2024

Apr, May, Jun

Laurie Schwartz | Composer

Laurie Schwartz | Image: John Dowd
Laurie Schwartz | Image: John Dowd

Laurie Schwartz is a composer, intermedia artist, and curator whose work considers sound, movement, and visuals as materials of composition in the broadest sense. Incorporating field recordings, fragments of conversation, choreography, or video in counterpoint with instrumental, vocal and/or electronically processed sounds, she probes the space between music composition, experimental theater, and performance art. She is initiator and curator of the series itinerant interludes that presents performances at exhibition openings in galleries and museums.

During her time at Villa Aurora, Laurie Schwartz will develop two intermedia projects: clouds & colloquies, a performative installation centering on the theme of precarity (environmental, societal, and political) and the furies, a multimedia work (episode #3 of her performance series Outtakes from the Dangerous Women Files) focusing on the witch as feminist archetype and disrupter.

Selected Works and Performances
2023 | Iddu for dancer and audio playback, Festival Marosi, Stromboli
2022 | Pausstycke #2 for mezzo-soprano and actor/simultaneous interpreter; part of the concert profile “Experimental Intermedia Presents: Laurie Schwartz,” Experimental Intermedia Series | Fridman Gallery, NYC
2022 | the narratives for 3 vocalists, dancer, and electronically processed sounds, Zilberman Gallery, Berlin
2022 | the shoes (XL) for performer, amplified tap dancer, and interactive audio, American Academy Open Studios, Rome
2022 | the deeds, continued for electronically processed violin, audio playback, and video. Frequency Series | Constellation, Chicago, Illinois. Commissioned by Sarah Plum.
2021 | Outtakes from the Dangerous Women Files: #2. the deeds, for amplified tap dancer, ensemble, live electronics, audio playback, and interactive video, Heroines of Sound | Berlin, commissioned by ensemble mosaik
2021 | Outtakes from the Dangerous Women Files: #1. the heroines, for amplified ensemble, audio playback, and video, Heroines of Sound | Berlin, commissioned by ensemble mosaik
2021 | the coordinates audio/video installation, commissioned by Campo Artfest, Pueblo Garzón, Uruguay
2021 | The Road to Ulm: Laurie Schwartz and the Ghost Town Ulm, Wyoming, photography exhibition, Stadthaus Ulm

Selected Awards
2021 | Research Grant for New Music and Sound Art, Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe
2021 | Ucross Foundation Artist Residency, Ucross, Wyoming
2019 | Campo AIR Artist Residency, Pueblo Garzón, Uruguay