Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2023

Oct, Nov, Dec

Cathy Milliken | Composer

Cathy Milliken | Image: Privat
Cathy Milliken | Image: Privat

Cathy Milliken is an award winning composer performer and creative director. She is at home in many genres: chamber and orchestral music- film music, music theatre, installations and opera. She is also passionate about social music practice and has led and co- created many participatory musical interventions and works.

Project Description
“In Speak or Octopus” (working title) is generated by comments taken during interviews by the members of the Arditti Quartet about their repertoire and rehearsal practice. The poet and principal contrabassist of the Berliner Philharmoniker, Matthew MacDonald has selected and woven these comments into a lyrical and poetical form entitled “Octopus Rehearsal".

"I will be exploring the ideas within the text as well the use of voice and strings employing the experience and knowledge of extended string techniques of the quartet over their long and unparalleled history as a ground breaking contemporary string quartet."

Works / Performances (Selection)
2022 | NIGHT SHIFT for ensemble, audience, alto, tenor, choir Inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. Performed by Ensemble Modern, Catherine Larsen Maguire, Helena Rasker, Michael Schiefel, Premiere at Musikfeste, Berlin Philharmonie 1.9.21. Commissioned by Art Mentor Foundation, Lucerne for Ensemble Modern, London Sinfonietta, Remix Ensemble Casa da Música, Asko|Schönberg Ensemble.
2022 | BRAID for horn solo. A commission from Australian National Academy of music, Melbourne. For Tim Allen-Ankins. Premiere 13.5.22.
2022 | EARTH PLAYS V: EDIACARAN FIELDS for large orchestra Commissioned by Adelaide Symphony Orchestra as their Associate Artist 2018-2020.
2021 | RED GARDEN Film and Music Installation for violin and percussion. A commission by Monash University, Melbourne. for Louise Devenish and Anna McMichael
2021 | DOMOVINA Music for EnKnap Dance company’s production. Premiere Spanskiborci Theatre. Ljubljana. Slowenia 1.6.21
2021 | TEARES for chamber orchestra Premiere 11.6.2021 Bielefelder Philharmoniker
2021 | A DESPERATE ADVENTURE AND COURAGE AND A CLOCK. for ensemble. Commissioned by Zafraan Ensemble, Berlin. Conductor Premil Petrović Premiere Berlin, Ensemble Zafraan 2.10.21

Prizes/Awards (Selection)
2022 | German nomination for Prix Italia (ongoing)
2021 | Australian Art Music Award for the orchestral composition “Piece 43 For Now”.
2019 | International Opera Award for the chamber opera “Romeo’s Passion.”
2018 | Reseo Award for the chamber opera Romeo’s Passion.
2016 | Finalist for the Paul Lowin Awards as well as the international Mario Merz Composition
Competition, Torino.
2016 | Australian Art Music Award for the orchestral composition “Earth Plays”.
2015 | YAMA European AWARD as composer and creative leader for the opera „Comfort Ye“ produced by Umculo Cape Festival