Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2023

Apr, May, Jun

Faraz Shariat | Filmmaker (together with Paulina Lorenz)

Faraz Shariat. Image: David Uzochukwu
Faraz Shariat. Image: David Uzochukwu

Raised in the hybrid cultures of Germany, Faraz Shariat, born in 1994, sees migration and the post-migrant state of mind as a potential for queer, diverse, and most of all political stories about living together in our society. Indulging in bold pop imagery, his films aim to build a space we can all connect to. They empower unapologetically: Seen through a tender and radically honest gaze, his characters always preserve their agency, no matter how catastrophic the world they live in.

Filmography (Selection)

2021 THE BABY (director, series)
2020 DRUCK Staffel 5 & 6 (director, author, series)
2020 FUTUR DREI (director, author and producer, feature film)
2020 AICHA (co-director, author, producer, short feature)
2019 MONODRAMA (director, author, series)

Awards (Selection)

2020 Teddy Award Best Feature & Teddy Readers Award (FUTUR DREI)
2020 Gilde Filmpreis "Junges Kino" (FUTUR DREI)
2019 FIRST STEP AWARD Best Feature Film and Best Ensemble (FUTUR DREI)