Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2023

Apr, May, Jun

Faraz Shariat | Filmmaker (with Paulina Lorenz)

Faraz Shariat. Image: David Uzochukwu
Faraz Shariat. Image: David Uzochukwu

Raised in the hybrid cultures of Germany, Faraz Shariat, born in 1994, sees migration and the post-migrant state of mind as a potential for queer, diverse, and most of all political stories about living together in our society. Indulging in bold pop imagery, his films aim to build a space we can all connect to. They empower unapologetically: Seen through a tender and radically honest gaze, his characters always preserve their agency, no matter how catastrophic the world they live in.

Project Description
In Los Angeles, Paulina Lorenz and Faraz Shariat will develop a feature film about the safari of a German tour group in the former German colony of Namibia and the question of the responsibility of future generations for the injustices committed by their ancestors. 

Filmography (Selection)
2021 | THE BABY (director, series)
2020 | DRUCK Staffel 5 & 6 (director, author, series)
2020 | FUTUR DREI (director, author and producer, feature film)
2020 | AICHA (co-director, author, producer, short feature)
2019 | MONODRAMA (director, author, series)

Awards (Selection)
2020 | Teddy Award Best Feature & Teddy Readers Award (FUTUR DREI)
2020 | Gilde Filmpreis "Junges Kino" (FUTUR DREI)
2019 | FIRST STEP AWARD Best Feature Film and Best Ensemble (FUTUR DREI)