Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2023

Apr, May, Jun

Paulina Lorenz | Filmmaker (together with Faraz Shariat)

Paulina Lorenz. Image: privat
Paulina Lorenz. Image: privat

Paulina Lorenz, born 1994 in Hamburg, studied film, music and visual culture at the University of Hildesheim and Brown University, and holds a M.A. in migration studies from the University of Copenhagen. In 2015 she co-founded the German film collective JÜNGLINGE, which explores queer-feminist and postmigrant perspectives in film, television and popular culture. Today she develops, writes and produces feature and episodic work, such as the 2020 Teddy Award winner „No Hard Feelings“.

Filmography (Selection)

2020-21 DRUCK Staffel 6 (author, series)
2020 FUTUR DREI (co-author and producer, feature film)

Awards (Selection)

2020 Teddy Award Best Feature & Teddy Readers Award (FUTUR DREI)
2020 Gilde Filmpreis "Junges Kino" (FUTUR DREI)
2019 FIRST STEP AWARD Best Feature Film and Best Ensemble (FUTUR DREI)