Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2022

Jul, Aug, Sep

Ute Wassermann | Composer and Vocal Artist

Ute Wassermann | Image: Giorgia Fanelli
Ute Wassermann | Image: Giorgia Fanelli

Ute Wassermann is a vocal artist and composer and lives in Berlin. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg with Henning Christiansen and Claus Böhmler. Her artistic work comprises the areas of composition, improvisation and performance art. Her singing is extreme and polyphonic. It shimmers between human, electronic, animal and inorganic sound qualities and can enter into relationships with specially composed or existing acoustic habitats. In addition, Ute Wassermann extends her voice with bird whistles, field recordings, resonant and loudspeaker objects. Ute Wassermann takes part in festivals and concert series in Europe, Australia, Asia, Mexico, Brazil and the US. Regularly, and in an international context, she performs with other musicians. Numerous works works written for her voice premiered in collaboration with ensembles and orchestras.


Works (Selection)

2020 ⅼ Aus Atem, for ingressive singing and cell glass bags with microphones, performance and installation, commissioned by Dystopie sound art festival Berlin

2019 ⅼ Mutual Dependencies, for voice, loudspeaker objects, metal foils, commissioned by Ensemble maulwerker

2019 ⅼ Wuchtbrummen, Rauschzustand, Polyp, commissioned by Eclat Festival, Stuttgart, for Ensemble N.E.W. (Neumann, Ercklentz, Wassermann)

2018 ⅼ Chirrup, for 8 voices, commissioned by Transart Festival, Tinntinabula women's choir, Bolzano

2016 ⅼ Pneuma, for voice and speaking machine (by Martin Riches), commissioned by the University of Amsterdam, Symposium The Art of Voice Synthesis

2016 ⅼ pianObjects, for 2 pianos, objects and video, commissioned by Ryogoku Art Festival, Tokyo




2017 ⅼ Work stipend New Music and Sound Art, Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Berlin

2015 ⅼ Residency, Civitella Ranieri Foundation

1996 ⅼ Residency Steim, Amsterdam

1993 ⅼ Residence grant, Akademie Schloss Solitude

1989/90 ⅼ 1-year DAAD scholarship, residency at the University of California, San Diego