Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2022

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Elie Habib / Siska | Visual Artist

Siska | Image: Siska
Siska | Image: Siska

Siska born as Elie Alexandre Habib in Beirut Lebanon in 1984 and graduated from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts ALBA in Beirut with a master degree in cinema studies and film directing. After splitting his time between Beirut and Berlin for several years, he is now predominantly based in Berlin. His practice is often centered on archiveology examining sociopolitical narratives in relation to personal and collective pasts. Siska's work often questions the ruination of Arab cultural heritage. His use of film language and codes of cinematography, as strategic mediations to activate an archive, allows him to experiment with new forms of storytelling and his own biography. His practice usually starts with an intuitive approach, stretching documentary forms towards fictional territories while remaining faithful to the essential questions at stake managing somehow to extract a poetic, almost fairy-tale quality from the narratives he explores. Siska's work has been internationally exhibited, including Martin Gropius Bau, Paris 104, Beirut exhibition center, Mosaic rooms, gallery Imago Mundy among others.

Siska is Villa Aurora Fellow of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


Videography (Selection)

2017 ⅼ In the ruins of Baalbeck Studios - Super8 & 16mm on high definition - 47min

2015 ⅼ Die Gespenterei 2 - 16mm on high definition - 6min

2014 ⅼ A tragic tale of fire, water, and radon - Super8 on high definition - 3min

2013 ⅼ Golden rush - Super8 & 16mm on high definition - 40min

2012 ⅼ Visit to the white house - Double channel Super 8 on high definition - 3min  

2011 ⅼ E.D.L - Super8 on video - 21min

2009 ⅼ Trio a study on horses in the city - double channel digital video - 15min  


Screenings (Selection)

2018 ⅼ Berlinale, Forum Expanded, Berlin 

2018 ⅼ Doc Fest Sheffield, England

2018 ⅼ Cairo Cinema Days, Egypt

2017 ⅼ BBC Arabic, Alternative cinema, London / Broadcast

2016 ⅼ Videoex Guest City Beirut, Zurich, Switzerland


Projects in collaboration (Selection)

2019 ⅼ The Art Of The Deal, Franziska Pierwoß, a mini series of 4 episodes, Film Editor, Berlin, DE/USA

2018 ⅼ Technik Des Glücks, A Franz Jung Revue, Film visuals for Stage, Hebbel Theater, HAU 2, Berlin, DE

2018 ⅼ Capture Be & BE, Workshop tutor, experimental sounds & music, Humboldt Forum, Laut Exihibition, DE


Grants (Selection)

2018 ⅼ Research Grant from the Senate Department for Culture and Europe in Berlin  

2017 ⅼ Cultural Resource Production Awards Program

2016 ⅼ Visual Arts Grant from the Kultur Amt der Stadt Köln