Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2020

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Helmut Oehring | Honorary Fellow

Helmut Oehring  | Image: GEMA-Sebastian Linde
Helmut Oehring | Image: GEMA-Sebastian Linde

Helmut Oehring was born in 1961 in Berlin (East). As a guitarist and composer self-taught and not admitted to university in the GDR due to repeated conscientious objection to military service, he became a master student of Georg Katzer at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin in 1990.   


Discography (selection) 

2018 | MIT DIESEN HÄNDEN - A piece full of poetry and dirt, audio play on the Wuppertaler's Speech "The Freedom of Art" and other texts by Heinrich Böll, author production for SWR   

2018 | STOCKTAUB or Eurydice and the uncontrollable longing to touch the sky, audio play based on motifs from Claudio Monteverdi's opera L'Orfeo and Joseph Conrad's novel Heart of Darkness as well as interviews with deaf fugitives and their sign language interpreters 

2017 | ART MUST go (too far) or THE ENGEL SWING, dokupoietic instrumental theatre for 16 InstrumentalVocalSoloists + three singers + child soloists + pre-produced passages + live electronics on the Wuppertal speech "Die Freiheit der Kunst" and other texts by Heinrich Böll as well as autobiographical narratives by some of the participants. 

2016 | Angelus Novus III for ensemble and orchestra on pictures by Paul Klee and texts of Walter Benjamin   

2016  | Solo from MEERE for bass clarinet 

2015/16 | massacre. Listen, MASSAKER! (to Racep Tayyip Erdogan), melodrama for solo guitar/voice, 12-part women's choir + string orchestra on a poem by the Armenian poet Rupen Sevag, verses of the Ya Sin Sure and a poem by Helmut Oehrings 

2013/2017 | EVEN SONGS for Sunrise, live film music for a vocalist + octet + preproduced, play back on F. W. Murnau's silent film Sunrise. Song for Two Humans from 1927 

2001 | Berlin. Symphony of a big city, orchestral music to the film of the same name by Thomas Schadt on Walter Ruttman's 1929 silent film of the same name



Awards (Selection) 

2015 | Deutschen Musikautorenpreis in der Kategorie Musiktheater

2008 | Arnold-Schönberg-Preis

1997 | Hindemith-Preis

1995 | Orpheus Kammeroper Preis Italy

1994/95 | Fellowship at Villa Massimo, Rome