Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2011

Apr, May, Jun

Helene Hegemann | Filmmaker

Helene Hegemann
Helene Hegemann
born in Germany
Max-Ophüls-Preis for her film Torpedo

Born 1992 in Germany, Helene Hegeman started writing screenplays at the age of 14. Her debut film ‘Torpedo’ (2008), funded by the Bundeskulturstiftung, was very successful in Germany and awarded the Max-Ophüls-Preis. Helene Hegemann also writes for theater and published her first novel ‘Axolotl Roadkill’ in 2010. The novel was translated in 15 languages and triggered a major debate about the issue of plagiarism.

During her time at Villa Aurora, Helene Hegemann plans to write a fictitious screenplay which deals with the murder case of Mary Flora Bell, who killed two children when she was only eleven years old.