Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2022

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Sabine Vogel | Composer

Sabine Vogel | © Michael Miethe
Sabine Vogel | © Michael Miethe

Sabine Vogel, born in 1971, is a flutist and composer. She studied Jazz at the Freies Musikzentrum München and at the Bruckner-Konservatorium in Linz, Austria. As a flutist, she is concerned with modern playing techniques, sound, improvisation and has developed her own vocabulary on her instrument, both acoustically and with the expansion of electronic equipment and certain microphoning. In her compositions, she mixes flute sounds from the "inside" of her flutes, which are often on the threshold of the inaudible and which form, so to say, the "microcosm" of her sound world, with fieldrecordings - recordings from the "outside", the "macrocosm". In her site-specific works - sound installations and live performances in nature - she deals with sound, place, time, moment and memory.

Compositions/Installations (Selection)

2018 | Wind Talk for Glissando flute and playback ‐ for Erik Drescher, UA intersonanzen 2018, Potsdam
2018 | Momentary Flutters for amplified flutes und other things, UA, Berliner Solo Festival
2018 | Scattering Layers (2018) audiovisual installative composition in cooperation with Kathy  Hinde, UA Kontraklang
2016 | Pando, a Soundpainting Composition for Musicinas of the Splitter Orchestra and the Insub Meta Orchestra. UA, Splitter Music Festival
2015 | Clovelly Beach, audio visual composition for Video, playback and amplified flutes, UA, biegungen, Berlin

Diskography (Selection)

2018 | Frozen Orchestra (Splitter), The Pitch & Splitter Orchester, microton RUS
2017 | Split‐LP „Shine On You Crazy Diagram“, Splitter Orchester //Felix Kubin, Gagarin Records, D
2016 | Creative Construction Set™ by George Lewis ‐ Splitter Orchester & George Lewis, microton RUS


2019 | Residency fellowship at AIR Niederösterreich,in Krems an der Donau
2016 | InterStip of the Ministry for Science, Research and Culture Brandenburg
2015 | Residency at the „Bogong Center for Soundculture“, Bogong Village, Victoria, Australien  
2015 | composer in residence, EMS, Stockholm