Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2019

Aug, Sep, Oct

Ole Hübner | Composer

Ole Hübner | Image: Jakob Boeckh
Ole Hübner | Image: Jakob Boeckh

Ole Hübner (1993) studied composition in Hannover (with Benjamin Lang and Joachim Heintz) and Cologne (with Johannes Schöllhorn and Michael Beil) and attended the master program at the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen (with Heiner Goebbels and others) and attended the masterclass “Tzlil Meudcan” with Chaya Czernowin and José María Sánchez-Verdú in Tel Aviv.

Ole Hübner moves in the fields of music theatre, music for theatre, and audio theatre. In his artistic and academic endeavors, he shines a critical light on topics such as conception and manipulation of authenticity, memory, reproduction and repetition as means of motivation, narration and narrativity, the situational; the absent, the detection and elaboration of both theatrical aspects in music and musical aspects in theatre.

The enrichment and reassessment of techniques and knowledge of contemporary music through theatrological perspectives play an important role. Working in collaborative settings with artists of other disciplines such as acting, mise-en-scène, dance, dramaturgy, and scenography is a must. His work was seen at Theater Aachen (2013), Deutsche Oper Berlin (2015/16), Konzert Theater Bern (2016), Münchener Biennale (2016), and La Biennale di Venezia (2017).

However, Ole Hübner feels committed to concert music as well and has been performed at renowned music festivals and in many countries in Europe, Asia, and North America, having collaborated with ensembles such as Ensemble Modern, Ensemble Garage, Decoder Ensemble, and with various soloists. He has been awarded several prizes and scholarships among them being the 63rd Composition Prize of the State Capital of Stuttgart 2018, Villa Aurora Los Angeles 2019, and Cité Internationale des Arts Paris 2019/20.