Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2019

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Doreen Kutzke | Musician

Doreen Kutzke | Image: Birgit Kaulfuss
Doreen Kutzke | Image: Birgit Kaulfuss

Kutzkelina aka Doreen Kutzke is a German performance artist, composer, actress, singer and vocal-teacher specializing in the art of yodeling. She grew up in the Harz-Mountain region and started yodeling & singing in her early childhood.

Her activities include workshops, performances and concerts. Kutzkelina proves how sad and deeply touching yodeling can be. 
She founded Jodelschule Kreuzberg and teaches yodeling and advanced vocal techniques worldwide.

As a voice tutor, she has been working at Art Academy Reykjavik, Goldsmith University London and Berlin University of the Arts. She has teamed with numerous other artists such as Hermann Nitsch, Column One, Element of Crime, Parables, Fearless Bob, Malcolm Arison, Myriam Van Imschoot, Raionbashi and the LA Free Music Society.