Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2011

Jul, Aug, Sep

Michael Maierhof | Composer

Michael Maierhof
Michael Maierhof
born in Germany
studied music and mathematics at the Gesamthochschule Kassel
studied philosophy and art history
since 1989
works as composer

Michael Maierhof, composer and improviser based in Hamburg, studied Music, Mathematics, Philosophy, and Art History in Kassel and Hamburg. His works focus on the composition of space-oriented music written for ensembles with differing instrumentation, as well as the development of a preparation and undertone technology for strings. He has been awarded a number of composition prizes including an award from the Cité Internationale de Arts Paris. His compositions have been performed in Europe, Asia and the United States.  Since 2009 Michael Maierhof has been member of ‘Nordzucker’, an improvisation quartet whose work focuses on the exploration of the special space of sound and the development of an individual language of sound which goes far beyond the traditional way of using the instruments. During his stay in LA he will work on a piece for and with the ensemble ‘California EAR UNIT.’ He will also continue to write on the topic concerning the end of tone-pitched organized music.