Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2011

Jul, Aug, Sep

Susanne Kippenberger | Writer

Susanne Kippenberger / © Elena Steil
Susanne Kippenberger / © Elena Steil
born in Dortmund, Germany
lives and works in Berlin

Susanne Kippenberger, editor at ‘Tagesspiegel Berlin’ and author of ‘Kippenberger. Der Künstler und seine Familien’ and ‘Am Tisch,’ is an accomplished journalist who has been awarded a number of prestigious journalistic awards.

She studied German, English, and American Literary Studies in Tübingen and at the Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, as well Film Studies at NYU.

While at Villa Aurora, Susanne Kippenberger will work on a biography of Jessica Mitford, daughter of the 2nd Baron Redesdale, who, unlike the rest of her family, developed left-wing political opinions, became involved in the struggle against the British Union of Fascists and moved to the United States in 1939 where she joined the American Communist Party and was active in the Civil Rights Movement. Kippenberger is especially interested in the theme of family and the dramas, tragedies and comedies connected to it.