Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2018

Jul, Aug, Sep

Hanno Leichtmann | Composer

Hanno Leichtmann, Photo: Stini Roehrs
Hanno Leichtmann, Photo: Stini Roehrs
born in Timișoara, Romania

Hanno Leichtmann has been living in Germany since 1981 and moved to Berlin in 1994. He studied percussion at the Conservatoire de la Musique Luxemburg and the University of Arts in Berlin. In 1995, he founded the trio „Ich Schwitze Nie“ with Nicholas Bussmann and Lars Rudolph as well as the live techno duo Paloma with Hannes Strobl. Paloma toured Germany in 1997 with Einstürzende Neubauten. Leichtmann wrote the dance piece „Allee der Kosmonauten“ for Sascha Waltz & Guests, and the soundtrack for „African Twin Towers“ by Christoph Schlingensief. His solo project Static was created in 1999. Since 2008, he has performed all over the world with Denseland (featuring Hannes Strobl and David Moss) and Groupshow (with Jan Jelinek and Andrew Pekler). In 2008, Leichtmann also curated and organized „My Favourite Thing“ , a festival for percussion and electronic music, at Radialsystem V Berlin. Hanno Leichtmann contributed to the compilation „Echtzeitmusik Berlin“. One of his recent releases is „Minimal Studies“ from 2013.