Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2017

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Stefan Goldmann | Musician

Stefan Goldmann © Stefan Botev  
Stefan Goldmann © Stefan Botev  

Stefan Goldmann develops electronic music based on close re-examinations of the core features of techno, such as track, remix, grid, sample and loop. The resulting works range from techno tracks to large-scale compositions for dance, film or ensembles. After studying audio communication at Berlin’s Technische Universität, Stefan Goldmann has released music with internationally leading labels and has produced several albums and EPs. He has received major commissions from MaerzMusik Berlin, NyMusikk Norway, Nationaltheater Mannheim and BASF Kulturprogramm among others. For the Honen-In Temple in Kyoto he has developed a site-specific work. For festivals he conceives special concert programs, often collaborating with dance companies, ensembles and other composers along the way. Together with Finn Johannsen he founded Macro in 2007, which has been called “the leading avant-garde techno label” by De:Bug Magazine. Besides performing throughout Europe, North and South America and Asia in clubs and at festivals (including Mutek Montreal, Club2Club Torino, Time Warp Mannheim, Now Festival Essen, Unlock Buenos Aires, Only Connect Oslo and Star Festival Osaka), Macro label nights have provided him with broader-context showcases in cities such as Berlin, Paris, London, St.Petersburg and Tokyo. In 2012, he was a fellow at Kyoto’s Villa Kamogawa in 2012. A special relationship has developed between Stefan Goldmann and Berlin’s Berghain club since his debut performance at Panorama Bar in 2006. He conceived the Elektroakustischer Salon nights, opening up the club to experimental formats, and writes a column for the club’s program flyer. He is also the co-author of the club’s book, “Berghain 10“. A book of his own, “Presets - Digital Shortcuts to Sound” was published in 2015 and investigates automation and industry aesthetics in digital music production. As a lecturer he has taught at Universität der Künste Berlin, DAAD, Folkwang Universität Essen and Goethe Institutes throughout Europe and Japan. “Parameter”, a documentary film about Stefan Goldmann by Michael Schade and Thomas Kipke, is available on DVD. 

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