Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2016


Michael Fehr | Writer

Michael Fehr und Manuel Troller | Villa Aurora
Michael Fehr und Manuel Troller | Villa Aurora
born in Bern, Switzerland

Michael Fehr studied at the Swiss Institute for Literaturen and at the Academy of Arts in Bern. His novel “Simeliberg” received the Literature Award of the Canton Bern (2013) as well as the Kelag-Preis at the Tage der deutschsprachigen Literatur in 2014. In 2015, he won the Bayern2-Wortspiele-Preis, which awarded him a one-month fellowship at Villa Aurora. 

Manuel Troller (*1986, Lucerne, Switzerland), guitarist and composer, is actively working in diverse musical genres. Since 2006, he plays and composes with the internationally active Band Schnellertollermeier – who plays music without compromises, ranging from free improvisation, Hardcore-Jazz, modern composition to brute rock music – but feels just as home in Pop.