Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2016

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Martina Kieninger | Writer

Martina Kieninger
Martina Kieninger

Martina Kieniger was born in Stuttgart. She studied chemistry and molecular biophysics in Stuttgart and got her PHD from Heidelberg. She teaches chemistry at the  “Universidad de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay in Montevideo.

In 1996, she received the Internet Literaturpreis by DIE ZEIT, followed by a number of residencies, including the 2016 writers residency at Villa Aurora.

She wrote several novels (Die Leidensblume von Nattersheim (2005), Saengerin an der Lampe (2007)  and the 8-volume science reader for children “Kinder entdecken die Naturwissenschaften” (Children Discover Natural Sciences).

Her novel “Tango Tupamaro” a novel about “angst” is slaited to be published in 2017. She is currently working on the “ParentsBaffleBook” employing microwave, bitcoins, internet, natrium and hip-hop.