Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2015

Apr, May, Jun

Cyrill Lachauer | Visual Artist

Cyrill Lachauer / © Privat
Cyrill Lachauer / © Privat
born in Rosenheim

Cyrill Lachauer grew up in the Inn Valley. He currently lives and works in Berlin and on the road. For a short time, Lachauer studied directing at the University for Television and Film Munich, before enrolling in the ethnology program at Munich University. After earning his M.A. and conducting field work in Columbia, Ladakh/India, and Portugal, Lachauer studied visual arts at the University of Arts Berlin and graduated from a master class with Lothar Baumgarten in 2010. Cyrill Lachauer is the recipent of the 3sat Young Talent Award at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, the Kunstfonds Foundation fellowship and the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation EHF fellowship (2010), among others. Lachauer co-founded Flipping the Coin Records and Books (2011) und Flipping the Coin Films (2014). His son Caspar Topanga was born in Los Angeles in 2013.