Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2014


Stefan Maelck | Writer

Stefan Maelck
Stefan Maelck
born in Wismar, Germany

After 18 months of military service in the East German Army, he studied English and German literature in Rostock. His thesis was based on texts by Joni Mitchell, Patti Smith and Laurie Anderson. After completing his Ph.D. in American studies he was awarded a fellowship for Brown University in Rhode Island. In 1992/93 Maelck was a guest lecturer at Bradford University in England. Upon his return, he worked as an editor for Reclam Verlag for British and American literature as well as a free-lance author and host for MDR and NDR radio and press for pop culture and literature. Maelck’s novels „Ost Highway - Ein Hank Meyer Roman“ (2003), „Pop essen Mauer auf“(2006), „Tödliche Zugabe“ (2007) were pulished by Rowohlt Verlag.