Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 1995

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Heiner Müller | Writer / Playwright

Heiner Müller
Heiner Müller
born in Eppendorf (Saxony)

Secondary School; "State Labour Service" // 1945 High-School graduation // district administration employee in Waren / Mecklenburg // library employee // journalistic engagements

1954-55 research assistant at the Writers’ Association // "Junge Kunst” art magazine editor; from 1957 author and dramaturge

1958-59 employed at the Maxim Gorki Theatre in Berlin // 1959 winner of the Heinrich Mann Prize (together with Inge Mueller) // 1961 after the first presentation of his work “Die Umsiedlerin” the play was banned and the author was ejected from the Writers’ Association

from 1970 dramaturge at the Berliner Ensemble // 1976 switches from the Berliner Ensemble to the “Volksbühne”, Berlin // 1979 winner of the Mülheimer Drama Prize for “Germania Tod in Berlin ” ( production of the Münchner Kammerspiele)

from 1983 member of the Akademie der Künste in the GDR // 1985 winner of the Georg-Büchner Prize // 1990 winner of the Kleist Prize //1991 winner of the European Theatre Prize

1990-1993 last president of the Akademie der Künste / East // from 1992 directing member of the Berliner Ensembles // from 1995 sole artistic director

Died 30.12.1995 in Berlin