Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2013

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Justin B. Rathke | Filmmaker

Justin B. Ratke
Justin B. Ratke
1996 – 1999
stonemasonry apprenticeship
2002 – 2008
studied Fine Arts / Sculpture at the Art School Berlin-Weißensee
2006 – 2007
studied Urban Studies, San Francisco Art Institute (MA)
student oft he masterclass at the Art School Berlin-Weißensee
Since 2011
member of the Filmarche Berlin

JUSTIN B. RATHKE aka Justin Time is a multimedia artist, filmmaker, and curator. After a stonemasonry apprenticeship, Justin traveled for 3 years on a traditional journey as a craftsperson all over Europe, studied Fine Arts / Sculpture at the Art School Berlin Weißensee and Urban Studies at the San Francisco Art Institute, graduating with a Masters of Fine Arts in 2010. Since 2011, Justin is a member of Filmarche, Berlin, the first European autonomous film school. Justin Times work has been exhibited all over Germany, in Poland, the U.K., France and in the U.S.

Justin Time´s artistic and curatorial projects investigate the role of media, the cowboy mythos, and the phenomenon of non-spaces, with a special focus on identity and the architectural context. The fascination of the cowboy myth lead to the works PASSING SUBURBIA (in collaboration with Christine Woditschka), THE WAY THINGS LOOK and the video installation SHOWDOWN.

During the fellowship at Villa Aurora, Justin Time is planning to realize the experimental documentary CHASING HOUSES. The film will explore various facets of mobility in the US and the connection of this lifestyle with the American Dream and the road movie. It thus will be a road movie itself, following the trails of mobile home transports, snowbirds, migrant farm workers – and what else happens along the road.