Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 1995

Apr, May, Jun

Lisa Schmitz | Visual Artist

Lisa Schmitz © Alexey Zharinov
Lisa Schmitz © Alexey Zharinov
born in Emmerich on the Rhine

Lisa Schmitz received her degree in sculpture, performance and art education at the art academies in Muenster and Berlin. She also studied art history, philosophy, anthropology, Romance languages and textile design in Heidelberg, Clermont-Ferrand, New Orleans, Cologne, Muenster and Berlin. Post-graduate studies brought her to Moscow. Lisa Schmitz also apprenticed in multimedia production in Berlin. During her studies, she received numerous scholarships and awards and taught at the UdK in Berlin and at the Technische Universität Berlin. She also held visiting professorships at the FH Duesseldorf, at the Universität Giessen, the MARchI Moscow and the ICA Moscow as well as teaching activities at the Studienkolleg des Bauhauses in Dessau.

Since 1993, Lisa Schmitz’ works have concentrated primarily on spatial installations, environments, interventions in urban areas, “interpassive/intercontemplative” communication projects and photo series. The content of her work revolves around an aesthetic investigation into complex, connected levels of meaning dealing with man, machine, space, time and communication. She focuses primarily on human behavior at the start of the information era, the fascination, fears and hopes, in view of our changing scientific take on the world.

Lisa Schmitz lives and works in Berlin.