Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 1996

Jul, Aug, Sep

Burkhard C. Kosminski | Director

Burkhard C. Kosminski © Privat
Burkhard C. Kosminski © Privat
born in Schwenningen

Burkhard C. Kosminski studied directing and acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and at the William Esper Studio in New York. Since 2006, he has been director of acting at the National Theatre Mannheim and artistic director of the International Schiller Festival. At his initiative, the National Theatre Mannheim founded the Mannheim Bürgerbühne in 2012. Since 2001, he has been artistic director and company manager. He is committed to keeping the classics alive and producing author’s theater at the National Theatre Mannheim. Under his direction, the National Theatre was awarded the Theaterpreis der Stiftung des Verbandes Deutscher Bühnenverlage in 2009 for successfully bridging classical theater and contemporary drama.